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"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."-James Herriot, DVM

Training Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"When we got our puppy we knew we would need dog training, it was our first and we were kinda clueless. We asked family and friends for suggestions, and honestly got more "be sure to stay away from ..." suggestions than any positive referrals. We ended up going to a puppy class with a well known local company. It was ok, but we always left class like we were doing something wrong and ended up not confident in ourselves as dog owners and what we were doing ... which then translated over to Bo our dog, a cockapoo not behaving as we would like. We were referred to Amy (at Country View Veterinary Service) by our Vet, and she has been absolutely incredible. We've had 3 in home training sessions and Bo is like a new man. We quickly realized we were not stimulating him enough with learning new tricks and found out he absolutely loves to "learn". We look forward to continuing to work with Amy during our in home sessions, as well as instructor led classes. We would highly recommend Amy, and appreciate the confidence she has given us as first time dog owners.

"Thank you so much for all your extra efforts on our behalf. I truly appreciate your expertise in evaluating Carson. I know he is a good dog but because I lacked experience I had gotten nervous with him. We continue to see positive changes in his behavior every week. He seems more relaxed (I am too). We are having lots of fun practicing the tricks that we learned with him. We are so excited to be a part of his training too. We are working hard on the "vault" command. You and Erin are a great team and I feel so lucky to have found you both!"

"Guess who just got back from the BEST 2 mile walk of her LIFE?!?!? Amy, you are AMAZING!!!!!! He transitioned seamlessly between heeling and being "at ease" on our walk (which I made him do frequently), left alone or let go of every single thing that he picked up on the walk (when he wasn't heeling) without any hesitation, walked away from/ignored another tiny, yapping dog that was trying to guard his own yard when I told him to leave it, and greeted another dog that was out for a walk very politely without trying to wrestle it! Oh yeah, and he sat down EVERY time I stopped walking and looked at me for guidance!

I know these things are not news to you, but to me and my family they are life altering! ;-) We are so proud of him. I can't even imagine how proud YOU must feel having done all the hard work!! I will be telling every single person I know about you!! :-)) Even if they don't need the board and train program, I will be recommending that they look into any obedience classes you may offer. Even though we spent only a short time with you, it is glaringly obvious that you LOVE what you do, and the dogs love you too!!

We can't say it enough--THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!" - Colt's Family

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Amy Robinson and her team at Country View's Board and Train program. We are a family with (almost) six young children, one of whom has Autism. We wanted a dog to raise with the children as a friend and companion, hoping to also have him be a service dog for our autistic son. So off we went and researched many breeds and breeders. Settling upon a beautiful Mastiff breed, we purchased and waited 8 weeks for our new puppy to come home. Oh how we were all so excited and in love when he arrived!
I am a stay at home mom, and was able to housebreak and train the puppy in just the basics. However, he grew quickly and by 4 months of age, he was 65 lbs and developed some significant dominance behaviors with other problematic issues that I found hard to control. We could no longer walk him, as he would growl and pull on the leash, he would knock over and bully the little ones in the house, he stopped listening to my husband and I. It was becoming overwhelming to have a very large, misbehaving puppy in our already full and somewhat unpredictable house;)

I reached out to Amy Robinson at Country View, she came to our home for a consultation and to meet our pup. We decided to enroll him in the board and train program; he stayed for 3 weeks. We chose Country View as they do not use E-Collars, but rather natural training methods incorporating repetition and positive reinforcement. The program only takes in 2 dogs at a time, and they are given constant individual attention. Country View also has veterinarians close by, which was very reassuring to us. Amy kept us updated on his progress throughout the 3 weeks he was away, and to our delight, our guy came home a new pup.
Our boy now demonstrates no dominance issues, loves to go for walks, has good manners, and responds to commands. He is another sibling to the kids, and functions wonderfully within our family. We are so happy with his progress and could not be more relieved to have found this program. Again, many thanks to Amy and her team at Country View...because of her expertise, we now have a great (big) friend and companion to enjoy for years to come. Thank you!"

"Lucy has been attending daycare at Countryview Canines for 2 years. At first, we weren't sure how she would fit in - Lucy was a 3-year old rescue at the time, and separation anxiety was a concern. Everyone at Countryview made our girl feel so welcome and secure, that she now considers it a necessary part of her life. Lucy really looks forward to Wednesday every week, because she gets to spend a fun day with her friends (canine and human) and hang out on the A-frame! Amy's classes have been a wonderful benefit for us as well.After 2 Adult Obedience and one Rally class series (which is a blast!), Lucy and Amy have my husband and me very well trained :) And, how many trainers can teach you and your dog how to "reverse heel" ? Countryview is a great place - we're very grateful for the friendships and support we've found there."

"We loved the "shy dogs" class. As an owner of a timid dog it is such a great atmosphere for those dogs who are shy, scared, or world-weary. It is nice to be around other dogs who have complex histories and to not have to "explain" your dog's behavior. The environment is super-supportive and a real camaraderie develops between dogs and even more so between the humans taking the class. Amy taught us a lot of new skills that were tailored for each dog's individual challenges. By the end of the fourth week you could easily look around the room and see the progression of each dog. We now have a lot of new "strategies" that will come in handy for those stressful situations in the future." - Beth

"The staff at Country View Canines has been a blessing to me and my dog Baxter. Baxter is currently 2 ½ years old and has been very energetic and somewhat of a training challenge. The first year of his life I attempted to “do it on my own” with little to no results. In March of 2010 I reached out to Country View Veterinary Service and they introduced me to Amy Robinson and that is when I began to finally learn that, though Baxter needed refining, the real training started with me….and I had a ton to learn. Initially, I needed home lessons just to get Baxter to heel correctly and for me to be able to walk him for exercise. Since he was over 100 pounds this was quite a feat. Later, Amy invited me to a puppy class stressing the importance of socializing Baxter with other dogs and proper behavior in groups of strangers. I began to move on to an intermediate class, a couple of rally classes, and the past six months have been doing private lessons to train Baxter to become a therapy dog." - Wendy

“Great class - you are both so energetic and positive! I'm glad [my friend] referred me. We rescued Sam and then our daughter went right into the hospital for 18 months - she's been home a year now and it is time for Sam to get back to working during distractions!”