Facts To Consider When Choosing A Dog For Your Home

Consider the adult size of the dog
Will there be enough room in your home and/or yard when that cute little 10lb Labrador puppy becomes an 80lb tennis ball chasing maniac?
Energy and Exercise Requirements
“ When I was working in New York City, I helped to train a dog that would literally chew on his owner’s walls and through the drywall. It was a border collie that lived on the 30th floor of an apartment building with an owner that worked long hours. She always liked the way border collies looked so she got one, but with her home and lifestyle she couldn’t provide the dog with the exercise a breed like that needed,” Amy Robinson.
Grooming Requirements/Expenses
Many breeds need to be brushed regularly or taken to the groomer.
Training Needs and Time
Your job is not done after adopting or purchasing a new dog. Do you have the time to get your dog trained into a well-mannered pet that can live with you and your family?
Possible Health Conditions/Longevity
Different breeds of dogs may be more prone to certain health conditions whether that’s allergies and ear infections or more serious problems like heart
disease, hip dysplasia, or endocrine diseases. The longevity of dogs varies so much from breed to breed. Giant dog breeds unfortunately don’t have a life span like toy or small breed dogs.
Social ability with other animals and people while in and outside the home
If you have friends/family visitors to your home, you don’t want a dog that’s going to terrify them or a dog that’s going to run and hide either.
Veterinary Care Costs
The responsibilities of dog ownership go far beyond vaccinations and neuter/spay surgery. They require annual checkups, flea/tick and heartworm medications, and dental care. Sometimes they get sick unexpectedly!
Consider what role you’d like the dog to play in your life
Do you want a jogging partner or a playmate for the kids? Or do you want a more protective dog to guard your household or property?

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